How Do You Know? app

  Learn how to recognize and describe key details to explain how you know!

     Build Vocabulary, Question Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills





How Do You Know? is an easy to use educational app that has over 500 pictures and 10 categories       to engage question comprehension, vocabulary & critical thinking.  Players learn to use language strategies and visual clues to identify key details and relevant information.  They have to answer    varied 'wh' and 'how' questions & explain how they know!  

How Do You Know? has been reviewed by teachers.  Their reviews reveal that the content is aligned with standards in speaking, listening and reading in the US and UK. 

How Do You Know? is an effective teaching tool for educators, parents & speech language pathologists (SLPs) to build and practice language skills with many populations. It can be used with regular education and special needs students.  Therapists have used this app with second language learners and patients recovering from stroke and brain injury (TBI).  Users enjoy the vivid images, different categories & encouraging feedback!   

How Do You Know? includes many handy features like detailed progress reports that can be emailed, audio and sound cues, a "read to me" option and a tutorial section called, Let's Talk About It! .  Let's Talk About It! can be used to front load new vocabulary, concepts and explicitly teach how to make inferences.  Or use the Let's Talk About It!  section to add difficulty.  This section has a manual scoring and can be used for  pre/post test.

How Do You Know? app was created by Lynn Epstein, MS, SLP-CCC, a nationally certified speech language pathologist with over 30 years of clinical experience & application